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Home workout of the week for 1-30-12

Who is ready to get their Tabata on? So what is a Tabata you may ask? Tabata is an intese short period of exercise that last for four minutes. You start out doing 20 seconds of exercise at full all out intensity, then rest for 10 seconds then on again for 20 seconds, then rest […]

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How to make 100% almond butter, or any nut butter

I love nut butter, whether it be peanut butter, almond butter or a mixed nut butter. The biggest problem with most almond or peanut butters is either it is full of sugar and/or corn syrup or it is very expensive. Here I show you how to make your own 100% natural almond butter. How to […]

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Home workout of the week for 1-16-12

Ready for one that will get a good sweat on? 8 Rounds for Time: 100 M run 5 Burpees 10 Push Ups 15 Sit Ups

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Do as I say, not as I do

Don't make the same mistake as me. Allow your body time to heal

I started training for the PF Chang’s Rock ‘n Roll marathon 12.5 weeks ago. I decided to try a marathon using the Crossfit Endurance method of training. 12.5 weeks later I think that was the right choice as I feel fit and ready to run. Unfortunately I will not be toeing the line this coming […]

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Home workout of the week for 1-9-12

Who is ready for some fun ab workouts! You know you are. For this workout you are going to need two stop watches. One to measure your overall time, and one dedicated just for some planks. The goal of this workout is to accumulate 10 minutes in the plank position. But not many of us […]

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But I do not feel like working out

Don't let  your life get on cruise control

So I am working on a new ebook I will be releasing over the next couple of months (thanks for the kick in the butt Travis Robertson), and as I was writing an outline I got thinking a lot about a common problem people have. The “I don’t feel like working out” issue. You know […]

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